A resident of Moscow will be punished for handing out food to the seniors during the isolation


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Yuri Sagittarius / “Kommersant”

Living in the suburbs entrepreneur from Egypt Yassin El Nubi helped food to the needy during the epidemic of the coronavirus and was accused of breaking the isolation. Now he awaits trial, and fears that he will be punished by cancelling a visa, writes “Kommersant”.

The alien told the publication that living in Russia for nine years, sells vegetables and fruit, before the pandemic was owned hookah bar in the suburban Krasnogorsk. During the regime of restrictive measures, he drew attention to the fact that many people find themselves in a difficult situation, and decided to support them. Yassin bought the products, packaged them and distribute free to residents of Krasnogorsk, Mytishchi and rubble. After learning about his goals, providers doing discounts and connected to the process, aid volumes rose to several hundred sets, which were distributed every three days.

Everyone in need to receive two packages. The first was vegetables and fruits from Egypt, the second — cereal, bread, milk and other Essentials.

According to al Nubi, during the isolation approached by many seniors, there came a woman with a year-old child. “I see their eyes saying thank you. It’s really the people that need help and can’t buy food,” he said.

On may 5 during the regular distribution of 800 food packages near the hookah police showed up. According to officers, they received a complaint on the audience line. “Told us that we can’t give people food without permission, without approval, that we do not respect the quarantine,” — said the alien.

He and his brother Tito were drawn up administrative protocols. It was also revealed that Tito ended registration.

Picture with places where the citizens appeared in social networks. Egyptian claims that in the past people were going less and the distribution of sets was more civilized. After the incident he no longer helps those in need out of fear of deportation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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