Became aware of another possible cause of the crash in Pakistan



Among the possible reasons for the crash of a passenger plane Airbus A320 “Pakistani airlines” at Karachi in Pakistan can be fatal pilot error. It is reported by The Times of India with reference to the expert of safety, captain Amit Singh.

He analyzed data from air traffic controllers and noted that the pilots were warned of the danger. Singh noted that such signals are intended to indicate to the crew to the improper configuration. For example, the pilot might forget to lower the landing gear, which led to the crash.

The investigation team has already found the black box in the area close to Jinnah airport. The flight recorder will help determine the exact cause of the accident. In addition to the factors pointed out by Singh, another reason could be problems with the engine.

The pilots of a Pakistani passenger plane during a recent conversation with dispatchers reported the problem with the engine. Ground personnel noticed that the Board PK8303 began to deviate to the left. “Move right, lost the engine,” said the pilot. After that, the controllers stated that the Airbus A320 can land on either of the two runways.

22 may it became known that the airline Pakistan international airlines crashed at Karachi when landing. The Airbus A320 performed a domestic flight from Lahore. On Board were 90 passengers and 8 crew members, 97 people were killed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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