Became aware of the conspiracy of the Royal family against Meghan Markle


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Meghan Markle was convinced that the Royal family is building a conspiracy against her. In this regard, the Duchess of Sussex and her husband Prince Harry decided to leave the UK. In an interview with the Sunday Times Magazine was told by the friends of the couple.

“I think she felt an outsider from the beginning. It was not the life she was used to, and she wanted to leave,” anonymous told one of the interlocutors. According to him, because of the feeling of hostility she “literally was in isolation”, when he moved to the residence of the members of the Royal family Frogmore house (Frogmore House) shortly before the birth of her son.

Check out the Dukes of Sussex has been associated with tensions within the Royal family, a source told the publication. However, after moving to the relationship of Prince Harry and Prince William have improved. One of my friends suggested that this might contribute to infecting their father, Prince Charles coronavirus. “The message about the poor health of the father helped them to gather again, and now the communication became more regular. I don’t think that everything was fine, but definitely became better,” he said.

In addition, the Duchess of Sussex was afraid that the courtiers of the Palace will do harm to its reputation because of its American style of management.

Earlier in may it was reported that Meghan Markle is going to release a biography describing their life with Prince Harry. “Megan wants to reveal the truth, to explain why she and her husband had no other choice but to renounce Royal privilege,” explained the insider.

In April, the sources claimed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left the Royal family because of harassment by British tabloids. After the decision of the Royal couple announced that they refuse to communicate with four British tabloids.

1 April Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has ceased to perform the duties of the members of the British Royal family. To be eligible to move to the US, work and do business, they had to abandon the treatment, “Your Royal Highness”, public Finance and trademark Royal Sussex.

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