Cheap clothes predicted the disappearance of the pandemic coronavirus


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Chief editor of the fashion magazine Vogue and artistic Director of Condé Nast Anna Wintour USA predicted a possible disappearance of the mass markelovich brands because of the pandemic coronavirus. Reported by Business Insider.

“It is a small business, regardless of whether it is luxury or affordable, at the moment, is fighting for survival because he has no source of income,” said Wintour in one recent interview.

According to experts, after the pandemic there will be significant changes in customer behavior: “excessive consumption” stops, because people will become more selective when shopping.

This assumption was supported by Wintour. “Fashion should be durable, emotional, meaningful. She should have memories,” concluded the editor in chief of Vogue.

According to Business Insider, the essence of the business model these clothing retailers like Zara and H&M, contrary to the idea of eco-friendly fashion. Mass marketasia manufacturers make cheap and low-quality clothes that wear out in a short time and require replacement. Accordingly, in the future, the products of such brands will be in demand only if the latter will be able to reconsider their values and to take the reference to reasonable consumption.

In may it predicted the closure of half of clothing stores in Russia. According to the head of a consulting company in the fashion industry Fashion Consulting Group Anna Lebsak-Kleimans, it will happen because of the decline in incomes amid the outbreak of coronavirus. Moreover, the expert noted that the number of retail areas in the country will be reduced by 35-50 percent.

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