Crazed from starvation, the rats began to eat each other due to coronavirus


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In new York, USA, the rats went mad from hunger and began to eat their relatives because of the pandemic, COVID-19. About this newspaper The New York Times.

American recology (veterinarians, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of rodents) noted a surge of complaints of an unusual and highly aggressive behavior of rats. “They began to show aggression, but not to the people, and to relatives, explained rotolog Bobby Corrigan (Bobby Corrigan). They just pounce on each other.”

Corrigan claims that a certain percentage of rats in new York survives by waste thrown in garbage bins after the closure of restaurants and other establishments. However, with the introduction of a regime of self-isolation of coronavirus rodents are faced with a shortage of food.

Experts in the fight against urban pests sent Corrigan’s photos showing cannibalism among rats. “They entered the war. Now they eat the weaker and kill each other for food, which they manage to get on the streets, says catalog. — I think that only rats that live in residential neighborhoods, continue to live the same as it was before the pandemic.”

So that the enterprises on the territory of private plots were not infested with rodents, Corrigan advises to carefully close the premises to store the waste in tanks with a dense surrounding cover, and remove from the yard food for Pets and bird feeders. Rotolog warned that even those residents of the city and suburbs who have never seen the rats can deal with them.

“It would be wise to ask ourselves: “How do I throw out the garbage and I do not attract wild animals?” And notice whether the front door of the house clearances. The gap at half an inch from the floor will give them access to the inside,” added Corrigan.

Earlier it was reported that a worker from new York was in the hospital after he was hit the ceiling with hordes of the living and the dead rats and their feces. Then the American started to itch hands and face, he was sick. In the end, the man was hospitalized.

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