Declassified cancelled Sony Ericsson phone with three screens



Canceled Sony Ericsson W707 put up for sale on trading site eBay. The device was supposed to go on sale in 2008, but the device eventually decided not to release.

Having form factor of the clamshell device was exhibited by the seller from the UK. The description says that a working prototype of the Sony Ericsson W707 Alicia is in excellent condition, but the seller does not guarantee the absence of bugs in the firmware. The gadget was priced at 499 pounds, or about 45 thousand rubles.

The seller also said that in fact declassify the unreleased Sony smartphone. Clamshell could be the first device in the segment of mobile phones, which would get three displays — the main screen and two more on the outside of the gadget. Additional displays may receive background information and the graphic interface of the player.

This is not the first prototype of the phone, put on eBay. At the end of March at the site there was an announcement about the sale of HTC Sooner, which was supposed to be the first Android smartphone on the market. The device has a color screen and a physical QWERTY keyboard, the seller is assessed a rare device in $ 195.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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