Discover the secrets of the youthful 46-year-old former supermodel



German actress, TV presenter and former supermodel Heidi Klum has revealed the secret of his youth. This publication reports The Sun.

In one interview, 46-year-old celebrity admitted that they regularly wash the face baby shampoo cost of 1.5 pound (130 rubles). “I use it to clean your face, the gentle and effective” — said Klum. According to the presenter, unlike ordinary shampoos, baby means moisturizes the skin and is not harmful to the eyes.

Star mentioned that you spent on makeup in about 15 minutes using a minimum of means: blush and brow gel. Klum also added that it was the opening of the use of products with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor — “sun protection factor”).

Earlier in February, the Hollywood actress and singer Jennifer Lopez has revealed the secret of her youth: she plays sports six times a week and adheres to proper nutrition. The actress said that never performs the same exercises two days in a row. Instead, she is constantly trying new types of exercise — from yoga to Boxing.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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