Hide wrinkles makeup 80-year-old pensioner was struck by network users


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A make-up artist from Scotland has made his 80-year-old cousin hide wrinkles makeup and smote the result of subscribers in social networks. Reported by the Daily Mail.

According to 33-year-old Julia Strawn (Julia Stronach), to achieve “anti-aging” effect, you should avoid applying thick layers of makeup. Also, applying makeup on the eyebrows, it is necessary to trace only the top part, because far too shape and the dark lines make you look older face.

In addition, to achieve the most natural way it recommends not to go beyond the contour of the lips when applying the lipstick.

The expert also said that false eyelashes, uneven arrows on the eyes and the wrong shade of Foundation old women and highlight the shortcomings that they, on the contrary, try to hide with makeup.

Netizens admired the transformation of the pensioner in the comments under the posted material. “Wow, that’s the magic of makeup. Her aunt looks just gorgeous!”, “Wow, she’s younger by 20 years”, “this is the Transfiguration, the woman looks amazing”, “admirable work” — said they.

In may, the 42-year-old American actress and model January Jones (January Jones) showed the face up close and was surprised subscribers to its youth. Posted in network frame she poses on a sun lounger in a bikini, bowing to the camera. Fans celebrities have marveled at the lack of wrinkles on the face model. “She looks 25 years old, no wrinkles!” — spoke one of them.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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