In Russia “woman” tossed pensioner tickets “Bank of tricks” instead of money



In the Irkutsk region completed the investigation of the criminal case against two women accused of fraud and extortion from pensioners cash under the guise of healers. Now they will appear before court, informs a portal “the interior Ministry Media”.

Clarifies that zloumyshlennitsy have worked in pair. One seemed to a psychic and tried to convince the elderly residents of different cities have psychic abilities. The list of its “magic services” includes deliverance from all diseases, the removal of damage and General health of the body. During the conversation, the woman was joined by her accomplice. She told me that “the witch” helped her to heal and even to heal a sick relative.

Then luceluceluce held their “ritual”. They asked the victims to bring the package with the money, then during improv shenanigans tossed instead of the package with paper or ticket “Bank of tricks”. Then the ill-minded woman was hiding in an unknown direction.

Victims of con artists began, at least ten elderly women aged 83 to 93 years. The total amount of damage exceeded 450 thousand rubles. Criminals were the inhabitant of the Novosibirsk region at the age of 31 years and 38 years. On them criminal case under article 159 of the criminal code (“Fraud”). Now the women face up to five years of imprisonment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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