In the Arctic, set the heat waves



Abnormally warm weather established over the Arctic area, in some areas, the temperatures rose to plus 30 degrees, reports The Daily Mail.

Cause the heat was high. Due to the high pressure in the upper atmosphere the sky is “clear”, the snow has melted, and temperatures reached summer values.

The warm air came to the Arctic from Siberia, where there is a record warming. According to experts, in the coming days, the temperature there will be almost 20 degrees above normal.

The edition with reference to climatologists says that the heat caused by anticyclones, can be more intense than before. High atmospheric pressure affect premature melting of ice and snow in the summer. Because of this, the Arctic could lose a season more sea ice.

At the end of April alone delayed the Arctic ozone hole formed in the beginning of 2020. Its appearance was associated with global anomalies in the atmosphere, which also caused the warm winter in Russia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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