Inexperienced fishermen caught an abnormally large pike


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Brady Wettlaufer page in Facebook

In U.S. district Rutt, Colorado, inexperienced fishermen managed to extract a record-high pike. It is reported by regional newspaper the Steamboat Pilot & Today.

In early may a couple of local residents have used the services of an experienced angler Wettlaufer Brady (Brady Wettlaufer), representing the tour company Steamboat Fishing Adventures, and went fishing. The guide has helped beginners catch from the pond Stagecoach abnormally large pike. Catching trophy fish, for which Brady has watched the last few years, took half an hour.

“The time went slowly. It was a great 30 minutes. We all three pulled her to the surface. In fact, it was a wonderful experience. I was overjoyed and couldn’t believe that it’s finally happened — said Brady. — In the end we all shed tears of happiness”.

Caught pike was 1.2 meters in length and weighed over 17 pounds. It was large enough to break the state record. However, fishermen have not found special devices to with the utmost precision to measure pike and become the new Champions. A young American, who picked up the bait big fish, decided to abandon glory. Brady said it perfectly understands, because he works in the fishing business for the sake of money and recognition.

“This is one of those classes in which I put whole soul, explained Brady. — I would like to tell this guy thanks for that it gave me such memories and experience.” After the photo of this catch appeared in Facebook, many fishermen went fishing at Stagecoach.

As a result, the pike was unable to return back into the pond, and now her plan to transfer to a local bar and grill. “I tried to resuscitate her. I tried for about 20 minutes, but nothing came of it. She went through a lot of stress, noted Brady. She’s already lived out his last years. I think she would have lived maybe a year or two”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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