Kudrin urged to stop hoping for oil and to revise the projects


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The Chairman of the accounts chamber Alexey Kudrin called the current economic crisis a reason to revise economic policy. In the article “Kommersant”, he urged to stop hoping for oil and to revise national projects.

The main task Kudrin called the real pivot towards the support of private initiative and in the early introduction of technology, digital and managerial innovations.

The head of the SP said that Russia no longer can rely more on oil revenues which it has received in recent decades. In modern conditions, said Kudrin, the country will earn on technological solutions.

In his opinion, at the moment, the quality of public administration in Russia does not meet the overall requirements. The epidemic of coronavirus highlighted the challenges in the health sector, which receives too little funds. Doctors, said Kudrin, “we have to fight with their bare hands, with no equipment, medicines, modern technologies”.

National projects the head of audit chamber has suggested to be linked directly to goals, including increasing life expectancy, rising incomes, innovation Economics and new public administration. Some of the remaining tasks to push on 2026, 2028, or even 2030, if not replaced by more effective solutions.

A month ago, Kudrin predicted that in the crisis period because of the coronavirus, the Russian economy will fall by 7-8 percent, but then will be restored and will work fine.

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