Letter of the deceased soldier came to his brother after 80 years


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Sent a British soldier in 1940, the letter reached his brother after 80 years. This publication reports The Mirror.

May 26, 1940 PFC Gary Cole (Harry Cole), who was then 30 years old, was sent to his mother rose’s letter. He wrote that German soldiers will soon depart and return to Germany.

“Please don’t worry about me. I’ll get over it,” wrote Cole. Three days later, the writer died from a sniper’s bullet.

The letter was lost when the British troops were evacuated from Dunkirk because of the rapid German offensive. Later the letter was found by a German officer. He kept it along with other papers in the attic of his house, and after harvest in 1968 was sent to the Council of the County of Suffolk, after which the documents were sent to the archive.

Archivist Heidi Hughes (Heidi Hughes) noticed that the letter was sent to the house, which is in her native village. She knew 87-year-old resident of the village with the same last name as the sender. This man, Cole, Clemmie (Clemmie Cole), confirmed that Harry was his brother.

“I was in shock when I got the letter from Harry. I was moved by his words,” said Clemmie.

Earlier it was reported that the inhabitant of great Britain received a letter written by her fiance in 1941. The letter was found during the operation of the company Odyssey Marine Exploration, which is engaged in searching for things left in the bottom after a major shipwreck.

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