Moscow authorities have denied message about transferring data owners passes


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Sergey Kiselev / AGN “Moscow”

Processing of personal information of the owners of digital badges in Moscow is conducted in accordance with the Federal law on personal data. About the Agency “Moscow” said the head of the Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development Alexey Fursin. Thus, he denied reports about the transfer of personal data to third parties.

“Consent to the processing of personal data, which agree service users verify the digital passes on, is a model document for all members of the Moscow innovation cluster”, — said the Fursin.

In his words, storing and processing of personal information of the owners of the permits is conducted in accordance with the law. Data that users provide when using the service, passed the Federal agencies that applied to the document are third parties, to verify the reliability of the information.

Yesterday, 24 may, the newspaper “Vedomosti” and other media reported that the service for checking electronic passes can transfer to third parties users ‘ data, including for promotional purposes. The validity of such agreement or ten years, stated in the publication.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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