Named the best message to experience with Tinder



Author resource Swipe Life, devoted to Dating sites, was named the best communications options for travelers using the app Tinder. According to Dianne Troisi (Dayna Troisi), these texts will definitely be better than the standard greeting.

She believes that for women to write first more difficult, as the traditional rules do not suggest. However Troisi believes that this doubt should refuse and gave examples of messages from the wearer Tinder.

So, she was advised to start talking with a question to a potential partner that he would choose two things. For example, among alcoholic drinks, which will facilitate the choice of the place for a first date. Another option is an unusual question, like “what’s your favorite form of pasta?”

Successful thought the phrase immediately with an offer to take something out, like “I went for coffee, what can I get you?”. The wearer admitted that he had received such a message from a guy, but now she has used the phrase in correspondence.

Another risky option — from outside the box to make a joke. If the interviewee will answer a text like that, the reaction will not only show his attitude to people, but he had a good sense of humor. One lady suggested that we ask about favorite bookstore. According to her, this is a harmless, but unusual theme that will help you to choose the place for a first date.

Also, users have noticed that the mention of astrology in a joking manner that allowed us to get a positive response. Can help and compliments, but not standard, and made in the form of seeking help to care for themselves. The Council’s request often causes a reaction, I’m sure the author.

Earlier, the author of Swipe Life called the four worst option for travelers using the online app Tinder. First and foremost, people are advised not to ask a potential partner if they have an account in Instagram.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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