Popular drug increased the death rate from coronavirus


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Antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine increases the mortality of patients with coronavirus. This is stated in a study published in the journal the Lancet.

American physicians told about the analysis of case histories of 96 032 hospitalized with COVID-19 patients, 14 888 of which received popular antimalarial drugs during treatment. Patients were divided into four groups, each of which patients were prescribed hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine or their analogues in combination with antibiotics or without them. The results showed that antimalarial drugs not only did not show efficacy, but increased mortality.

698 10 people, or 11.1 percent of the total number of patients died. It turned out that taking hydroxychloroquine and its analogues groups, mortality ranged from 16 to 23.8 percent, while in the control group, the rate remained at 9.3 percent. A large part of deaths was caused by aggravation of cardiovascular diseases.

Experts said that the study fairly representative to speak about the dangers of using anti-malarial drugs in the treatment of COVID-19. The researchers emphasized that analyzed on patients with coronavirus data were obtained from 671 clinics located in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

In may, Chinese scientists announced that the drug hydroxychloroquine is not only ineffective against the coronavirus, but could cause serious harm to the body. Treatment COVID-19 anti-malarial drug may slightly hasten the recovery and reduce the symptoms, however, may cause the appearance of side effects.

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