Proved to be effective agents against coronavirus


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Scientists at the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases in the United States proved that the drug ramdevpir really speeds recovery in patients with COVID-19. This was reported in an article published in the New England journal of Medicine.

In clinical testing was attended by 1063 people infected with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Patients in the control group received placebo, and the volunteers in the experimental group, the doctors injected ramdevpir intravenously for 10 days, with the first day of treatment was applied a dose of 200 mg and then 100 milligrams. On average, patients treated with the drug recovered within 11 days and those who received placebo, and 15 days.

Ramdevpir also lowered the death rate: the proportion of deaths among patients in the experimental group was 7.1% in the control to 11.9 percent. Severe complications were observed in 114 patients among those 541 (21.2 per cent) who received an experimental drug, and 141 of those 522 (27%) who received placebo.

Ramdevpir an antiviral drug that was originally developed against Ebola virus. According to experts, despite the demonstrated effectiveness against the coronavirus, ramdevpir cannot be considered as a universal drug because the mortality rate when it is received still remains high enough. Most likely, it will be used in the “cocktails” with other drugs.

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