Reveals the results of testing a Russian vaccine against coronavirus scientists


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Artyom Geodakyan / TASS

The staff of the research centre of epidemiology and Microbiology named Gamalei, which he inoculated with the vaccine against coronavirus, detected protective antibodies. These results of the Russian testing of the drug revealed by the Director of the center Alexander Gintsburg in the First channel, reports RIA Novosti.

Gunzburg said that we are talking about virusneutralizing antibodies. According to him, immunity after vaccination with this drug is produced in the course of two days, if the body is to re-encounter the virus.

On the trial of a vaccine against the coronavirus in humans it became known on 22 may. As told Gunzburg, scientists have not identified negative or adverse effects after vaccination.

Earlier on may 25, Gunzburg said that now the end of preclinical trials on mice and Guinea pigs, and monkeys. According to him, if final results are positive, then in the first week of June, he will appeal to the Ministry of health for permission to start clinical trials on volunteers. Mass vaccination in Russia from the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 can begin in the fall, the process will take six to nine months.

As of may 25, in Russia recorded a 352 427 cases of coronavirus in 85 regions. Since the beginning of the pandemic in the country died 3633 man, recovered 118 798.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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