Russian virologist compared coronavirus with herpes


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Sergei Vedyashkin / AGN “Moscow”

Deputy Director of the research Institute named after Mechnikov, former chief sanitary doctor of Moscow Professor Nikolay Filatov compared coronavirus herpes virus. His words are quoted in your Telegram-the Kremlin pool journalist Dmitry Smirnov.

“If we all begin to explore on the herpes virus, then we say that is a disaster, pandemic! Every second will be the virus. And why?” said virologist.

Filatov said that the coronavirus is diagnosed only three percent of the patients, among which clinical manifestations are only at 45 percent. “They have no disease! (…) Take any other pathogen and inspect people on it — you will find it,” — said a virologist.

Previously scientist-a virologist at the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Felix Ershov that the coronavirus, and influenza viruses and herpes, may lead to the death of whole sections of the brain. According to the virologist, coronavirus weakens the protection of the human body. In particular, the virus can suppress the immune system, so the disease can be layered as an additional.

According to the latest data, in Russia revealed 353 427 cases of infection with coronavirus. As of may 25 last day recorded 8946 new cases of coronavirus in 83 regions of the country. For the entire period of the epidemic in the country 118 798 recovered, still 3633 died.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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