Shown the future of the beaches after the pandemic coronavirus


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Spain has developed the work plans of the beaches during a pandemic coronavirus. The schema, which depicts a seaside resort in the near future, showed the newspaper the Sun.

According to the tabloid, Ministry of health of Spain has allowed to open the beaches with the transition to the next stage of lifting the quarantine. In the regions with the lowest number infected it will happen from the 25th of may and the other in a week or two.

The government has allowed the Autonomous communities to decide how to cope with the influx of tourists. However, there is a common set of rules, which includes regular cleaning and the placement of couples or groups (up to 15 people) at a distance of not less than two meters from each other. In addition, campers will be required to avoid contact with other people and to keep personal belongings within the space.

A number of Spanish regions have already finalized their plans of beaches that will enable pre-booking of sunbeds, the use of drones and sensors and smartphone applications that notify about the presence or release sites.

It is noted that only a few resorts have announced plans to use glass panels to provide distancing because of their high cost — most chose to do this, umbrellas or rope.

Earlier it was reported that Spain have found a way to protect travelers from being infected with coronavirus on beaches with artificial intelligence. On the Costa del Sol has installed special sensors that will monitor the number of tourists, and then through the application to inform people about the most and least populated districts.

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