Solovyov compared himself with Levitan and called Gordon a “Nazi scum”


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TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov appealed to the Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon after received from him the offer to give an interview. In the air “Russia 1” he called Gordon a “Nazi scum” and compare yourself with the Soviet announcer Yuri Levitan.

The presenter showed two pictures: on the left was Gordon, and on the right — the Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher. “Was one of the most brilliant propagandists of Nazism, held high positions,” — said Solovyov, adding that Streicher had collaborated with the secret police and was executed.

“I understand that Gordon wants to interview me — the same nonsense, as if Streicher called Levitan during the great Patriotic war and tried to interview him,” said the Russian journalist. He called Gordon’s heir Streicher, and the Russian media workers — heirs Levitan.

He urged the Ukrainian journalist is not to hope that he will ever give him an interview. “I despise you and your hosts. Forget about any attempts to contact me for the purpose of receiving an interview,” concluded the host of “Russia 1”.

In October 2019 Gordon recorded a video response Solovyov after the Russian leading 29 Sep broadcast their transmission criticized it. Solov’ev then called upon to judge of the Ukrainian journalist for libel. Gordon condemned the host for the “filthy language and filthy mind.”

Julius Streicher was editor of the anti-Communist and anti-Semitic newspaper Der Stürmer (“Attack”). In 1946 he was executed by sentence of the Nuremberg Tribunal.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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