The celebrity chef opened a win-win recipe for fish


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Toru Hanai / Reuters

A famous chef from Malaysia G. Tyson (Tyson Gee) revealed a win-win recipe of cooking fish at home. His secrets shared news portal Lifestyle Asia.

For cooking fish dishes is a native of Canada advises on the purchase of perch, cod, salmon or bream. In the proposed recipe g used in the ocean caught snapper. Cook also told what to look for when selecting fish. In his opinion, it should have shiny and clear eyes, bright red gills. Also do not buy fish with an unpleasant odor.

To prepare you need 200 grams of fish fillets, salt and oil and butter. DJI puts on the pan the fish skin-side down and roasting over a slow fire until Golden brown. Then he flips her over, puts on a frying pan a piece of butter and waits, when the fish is fully cooked through.

Then he takes the pan of a smaller size, heats the oil and lightly roasting chopped diced celery. JI puts the cooked fish on a plate, decorating it with pieces of celery, Basil, fried shallots, pickled green onions and celery. Video with detailed explanation of the recipe published in Instagram account @lifestyleasiakl.

May 21 it became known about unexpected ingredient that renowned Australian chef Maggie beer (Maggie Beer) uses for cooking spaghetti Bolognese. Earlier in may, Australian chef John Torode (John Torode) told us how to cook the perfect steak.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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