The champion was busted for doping and was smuggling cocaine in international waters


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Australian athlete, who won two Olympic medals and were caught doping, faces life in prison for drug smuggling. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

According to investigators, several years ago, 44-year-old rower Nathan Baghali (Nathan Baggaley) agreed with the international drug cartel from South America for the supply of cocaine to Australia. For the transport of the drug, the athlete acquired a large inflatable boat and called it “Medellin” in honor of the Colombian city, where wielded the famous drug Lord Pablo Escobar.

In July 2018, his brother drew (Dru), and another accomplice, whose name was Anthony Trevor Draper (Draper Trevor Anthony), went to the specified point with the South Americans in international waters. He Baghali waiting for their return on the land. In the ocean drew and Draper met the ship with armed men, from which they threw several bags of drugs. The smugglers took about an hour to catch them out of the water and load onto the boat.

On the way back “Medellin” was intercepted by the water police. Before the arrest drew had time to throw overboard 652 kilograms of cocaine. Baghali did not know about the failure of the operation and tried to call brother on a satellite phone.

Police managed to rescue several bags of cocaine, however, most of the cargo was lost. For the next seven months, the drug was found on Australian beaches. Nine bags worth of 18.5 million Australian dollars (868 million) was found by the residents of Curtis island in Queensland, and a suburb of Wollongong in New South Wales. Then the tourists on the Australian island Fraser came across a bag of cocaine worth 5.2 million Australian dollars (244 million), and another bag noticed in Elliott Heads in Queensland.

In contrast to his brother and accomplice, Baghali almost a year remained on the loose. He was arrested only after the disposal of the investigation was the video, confirming the involvement of an athlete to cocaine smuggling in international waters.

Baghali is accused of participating in or aiding and abetting the importation of a commercial quantity of prohibited drugs. It is expected that the trial will begin on Thursday, may 28. The accusations against his brother will be considered in June.

At the Olympics 2004 in Athens Baghali won silver medals in rowing on a kayak single and kayak-pair at 500 m distance. Baghali also became world champion in rowing on a kayak single in 2002, 2003 and 2005.

In September 2005, the Australian was convicted of doping. Doping test Baggoli gave a positive result on the maintenance of steroids (stanozolol and metindiona). The athlete was disqualified for two years. Lawyer rower claimed that Baghali began to think a drug trade, which is already engaged to his brother.

In 2009 Baghali was sentenced to nine years in prison for trafficking ecstasy. He prematurely released in November 2011. In 2015, the athlete confessed to involvement in the syndicate that created two laboratories for drug production. In the same year he was sentenced to 27 months for the production of the psychedelic 2C-B.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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