The domestic cat gave birth to a kitten with two muzzles


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On the farm the American city of Albany, Oregon, a year-old cat gave birth to six kittens, one of whom turned out to have two faces. It is reported by local newspaper the Oregonian.

Pet cat farmer Kayla king (Kyla King) gave birth on Wednesday morning, may 20. The woman’s attention was drawn to the cub, born last. The head of the newborn was two face. Husband of Kayla, BJ (BJ), shared unusual news in a closed Facebook group for local residents. In less than a day the publication of the collected 1.7 thousand likes and over 800 comments.

The king family named the kitten mutant after a popular American dishes for Breakfast — Biscuits and Gravy (Biscuits and Gravy). Right face wife called Biscuits, and the left, rendered more strong Gravy. But most often just hail the newborn Cookie. The owners noted that the cub operate both the nose and mouth.

Cookie was born with one head, two mouths and noses and four eyes because of genetic abnormalities. The mutation, called diprosopus associated with abnormal activity of a gene responsible for the width of the muzzle of the animal.

Some netizens expressed the desire to adopt a rare pet. One of them is willing to pay for the Cookies $ 500 (35.7 thousand rubles). Kinga admitted that they became attached to the kitten and are not ready to part with it. When brothers and sisters the Cookies get stronger, they will put up for sale.

Last year it was reported that a veterinarian from the U.S. state of California Ralph Tran (Ralph Tran) came out of a kitten with two faces named Duo. He was feeding a pet through the catheter and the syringe, until the animal learned to eat on their own.

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