The Russians gave the official luxury watch and got FSB


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The investigative Committee of Russia (SKR) has finished investigation of criminal case against officials of the Dagestani Shamil kadieva, accused of a bribe in three million roubles to the head of Republican management of Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS). On Monday, may 25, “the” reported in a press-Department service.

The materials of the criminal case sent to the Supreme court to determine the territorial jurisdiction.

According to investigators, the accused, who held the position of Director of the “Directorate single state customer-Builder”, in 2013-2015 delivered to the head of the Federal Antimonopoly service of the Republic of Kobasew Kubasaev two million rubles in cash and property for 700 thousand rubles. Qadis gave the official luxury watch Hublot and hunting smooth-bore gun of Italian manufacture Fabarm Axis, said the Prosecutor’s office. For these valuable gifts Kobasew provided the accused with the patronage and connivance in the service.

The alleged briber was caught by the FSB and the investigators of the RCDS in the course of the work on decriminalization of the Republic and the investigation of the criminal case against the former temporary acting Chairman of the regional government of Abdusamad Hamidov. In relation kadieva still under investigation, six episodes of crimes related to the embezzlement of funds from the budget of the Republic and the bribery of other officials. He is now in custody.

Received the bribe, the official FAS Kubasaev already sentenced to imprisonment.

28 October 2019 was reported that the former Prime Minister of Dagestan Abdusamad Hamidov and his Deputy Rodina Yusufov were convicted of embezzlement of 40 million rubles. Squandered the money they were allocated from Republican budget for reconstruction of the building in Makhachkala. Hamidov was sentenced to 6.5 years of imprisonment in colony of General regime, and Yusufov — to 5.5 years.

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