The Russians predicted the return of the heat


www.vsyako.netRoman Villandrado: Nina zotina / RIA Novosti

Scientific Director of hydrometeorological centre Roman Vilfand has designated Russians the timing of the return of heat in the European part of Russia. About it writes RIA Novosti.

So, in the middle of the week temperature on the European part of Russia will increase to values typical for the end of may, and the temperature on the Asian side falls to the long-term average. “In the European territory of Russia, the centre on Monday and Tuesday the temperature 15 to 18 degrees since Tuesday already and the nights warmer degrees by five,” he said.

In addition, increase the pressure, so the precipitation is almost negligible. In this Thursday, may 28, the temperature will be 18-20 degrees already, and weekend 20-22.

In the South of Russia, day temperatures will rise immediately by 7-8 degrees, 25-28. While in Siberia, the daytime temperature will drop to 18-20 degrees. “This will correspond to the normal temperature background for the entire region,” — said Vilfand.

On the eve Vilfand said that the anomalous heat in Russia has already begun, not only in its Central part and in the Urals. Thus, the temperature in the South of Western Siberia and the Krasnoyarsk territory there was less than 30 degrees, which corresponds to the high values in the summer months, and the may rate is more than 15 degrees. High temperature was observed much further North, up to Salekhard. However, the forecaster warned that the anomaly on the last week of may even.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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