The savings Bank has reduced the refinancing rate mortgage


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Mikhail Tereshchenko / TASS

The savings Bank has reduced the refinancing rate mortgage. From now on, to refinance at the Bank at 8.5% per annum. This is stated in the message on the website of the credit organization.

Until now, the minimum refinancing rate in Sberbank was 9 percent, so a decline of 0.5 percent. “As part of the program, along with mortgage loan can be refinanced consumer loans of other banks, the credit card debt and get a cash loan for any purpose”, — stated in the message.

In early may, Sberbank has lowered rates under the standard mortgage programs. Loans for purchase of apartments in new buildings, the Bank issues at a rate of 5.9 percent per annum in the secondary market, from 7.8 per cent per annum. For families with children affordable mortgage at 4.7 percent per annum.

May 20, Sberbank has launched a digital tool that allows mortgage applicants to upload personal data from the portal of public services. Thus, the provision of some documents in paper form is no longer required, which facilitates the process of obtaining the loan.

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