Uncover the secret of hairstyle Elizabeth II during the isolation


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Personal Barber has revealed the secret of the hairstyles of the Queen of great Britain during the regime of isolation imposed because of the pandemic coronavirus. His words leads to The Sun.

It turned out that Elizabeth II is not the first time involved in styling your hair by yourself, if there is no specialist. According to her hairdresser Ian Carmichael (Ian Carmichael), Queen every year she makes herself a hairstyle, when leaving for summer holidays in Balmoral castle.

“The Queen has already accustomed themselves to do their hair. She washes them, dries and forms styling — and she’s doing well! She is very experienced and knows exactly what to do,” explained Carmichael, who works with Elizabeth II for 23 years.

According to the publication, sometimes a Queen helps her stylist, Angela Kelly (Angela Kelly). However, it is also noted that Queen Elizabeth II and she “copes, as usual her styling simple in execution”.

“Ian admires the Queen and upset due to the fact that he could not visit her in this situation”, — stressed the representative of Windsor castle and add that Elizabeth II is a favorite client of the hairdresser, and he usually comes to her at least once a week.

In April, the color of lipstick the Queen of great Britain, who addressed the nation in a pandemic of mers discovered a secret allusion. Journalists believe that for the broadcast she was wearing lipstick orange shade to “boost the morale” of society. It is known that Queen Elizabeth II prefers beauty brands Elizabeth Arden and Clarins.

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