A former NASA engineer has created an obstacle course for squirrels-thieves



A former NASA engineer, video blogger, mark Robert has created an obstacle course for squirrels stealing birdseed. The video he posted on his YouTube channel.

While in isolation, he noticed that rodents show remarkable ingenuity in order to steal grain. They were powerless against even a special “antivehicle” feeders.

Robert decided to conduct an experiment and find out whether there is enough proteins perseverance to pass a special band consisting of a spinning rope ladder, labyrinth, automatic jumping, pairs of traps, rotating obstacles, and sloping platforms. The prize for successful completion was a pile of shelled walnuts.

The subjects were four proteins, almost settled on the site of the blogger. After weighing each of the scales covered and examined with an especially thick one, Robert came to the conclusion that she was pregnant. However, this did not stop her to fight for a favorite treat along with the others.

After a few days, at the end of experiment, all proteins have unmistakably done in jobs, spending on a strip no more than a few minutes.

Previously Robert invented “nakosyachil” thieves parcels. He hid in a box from an expensive gadget a device that a few seconds after unpacking showered the entire room with paint and sequins, splashing around durovernum liquid. The boxes were equipped with cameras started to shoot the thief, when he opened them.

In addition, the engineer observed that has collected the most powerful water gun, and also showed the machine gun in action for snowballs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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