Became known the details of the death who was taken hostage in Moscow young Cuban women


www.vsyako.netLauren Morales Fernandez Photo: Telegram-channel BAZA

22-year-old citizen of Cuba Lauren Morales Fernandez could have been killed during an Orgy on narkeviciene, arranged in a Moscow apartment. It is reported by “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, which details became known of the death of a young Cuban women.

According to the publication, may 24, after the storming of the apartment in the house on kastanaevskaya street, where he was held hostage by a foreigner, the law enforcement officers detained 20-the summer hostess of the shelter and her friend from Kabardino-Balkaria drugged. There was found a prohibited substance, dildos and other sex toys.

According to preliminary data, on may 19, Lauren Morales Fernandez came into the apartment and got on narkeviciene. During sexual games under the influence of drugs partners strangled her, and then decided friends of the deceased to demand a ransom.

The detainees confessed to the murder of Cuban women, and that carried the body outside, throwing in the garbage can near a house.

Lauren Morales Fernandez arrived in Moscow earlier this year with two friends, they got a job as a clerk and lived in a Dorm. In the application to Dating Lauren met a man and went to visit him.

Earlier on 26 may it was reported that detained on suspicion in murder 39-the summer native of Nalchik in Kabardino-Balkaria. The consequence intends to petition for his arrest. The fate of 20-year-old woman, in whose apartment the murder occurred, is still unknown.

25 may it was reported that a Cuban was taken prisoner, demanding ransom, and then killed. The offender was sent from your phone hostage posts familiar with the requirement to pay 30 thousand rubles, threatening to cut off her body parts. Friends Lauren first sent to a criminal of 10 thousand rubles, and when the blackmail continued — went to the police. May 24 in the house on Kastanaevskaya street held a special operation. During the storming of an apartment the criminal was arrested, but the girls in the apartment was not there. Her dismembered body was found in the garbage can of the same house by the locals.

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