Belarusian politician withdrew from the elections with the words “can’t be a prostitute”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: the website of Oleg Gaidukevich in Vkontakte

In Belarus, the leader of the liberal democratic party (LDP), member of the house of representatives Oleg Gaidukevich withdrew from the presidential election in favor of binding of the head of state Alexander Lukashenko. On Tuesday, may 26, reports “Belarusian partisan”.

Haidukevich said that he came into politics, “the long haul”, and therefore refutes the “roles that are attributed to him” during the campaign. Presidential elections should unite the country, he said and urged all to vote for Lukashenko, calling it the sole guarantor of the unity of Belarus. “This is not 2010, when the LDP withdrew from the elections, calling them a circus. I can’t be a prostitute, I will defend my beliefs”, — leads edition of the words Gaidukevich.

He said that he collected 30 thousand signatures and submit them along with the program in the headquarters of Lukashenko. Presidential elections scheduled for 9 August.

The publication notes that, according to it was considered a sparring partner Lukashenko, like his father in previous elections. recalls that in 2010, Sergei Gaydukevich, the initiative group which was more than Lukashenka withdrew his candidacy from the presidential election and named them performance.

Earlier the Belarusian Central election Commission refused to register initiative groups of opposition candidates. The head of the Commission accused them of trying to infect her with coronavirus.

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