Bill gates sponsored trial of a vaccine against the coronavirus in humans


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The us company Novavax announced the start of clinical trials of new vaccines against coronaviruses in humans. A grant for the tests were selected by the Agency, founded by billionaire and philanthropist bill gates. About it reports RT with reference to the company’s official statement.

The experiment will be attended by about 130 adult volunteers from Australia. During the first stage of testing they will be receiving two doses of an experimental vaccine called NVX-CoV2373. If the first results are expected in July, will be promising, the company plans to immediately move to the second stage. It is assumed that the second phase of the experiment will involve other countries and different age groups.

“The introduction of our vaccine is the first participant in this clinical trial is a significant achievement that makes us one step closer to the satisfaction of the fundamental demand for the vaccine in the fight against the global pandemic COVID-19”, — said the President and CEO of Novavax, Stanley Erk (Stanley Erck).

Vaccine development began with investments in the amount of $ 388 million from located in Oslo “Coalition for innovation to prepare for the epidemic” (Epidemic Preparedness Coalition for Innovations, CEPI), a public health Foundation created by the founder of Microsoft bill gates.

Earlier, the billionaire has already donated a number of such initiatives in the field of health, primarily through the bill and Melinda gates Foundation. This involvement of gates in healthcare has caused a lot of suspicions and doubts of conspiracy theorists who claim that the billionaire is a supporter of the program “depopulation” of the Earth. According to them, the program will help to rid the world of useless consumers.

The statement has caused a number of social networks users concern. Many were quick to warn that the project “cannot be trusted” and called for the gates to volunteer to be the first “Guinea pig” and make yourself a vaccine injection.

The American company has become the first biotech firm in the United States have started clinical trials on humans in the search for an effective vaccine against the coronavirus. For example, Massachusetts Moderna, the company began testing the vaccine in March and reported positive results. At least five other vaccines are in development elsewhere, including in China, Britain and Russia.

Earlier, the Director Nikita Mikhalkov in the ether of the author’s program “Besogon TV” said that bill gates plans to microchip humanity.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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