Bubbling supersonic F‑35 was invisible


www.vsyako.netF-35B Lightning Foto: US NAVY / Reuters

Possible bubbling stealth-coating of the fifth generation fighter F-35B Lightning II and the F-35C Lightning II after svergnutogo flight unnoticed to the naked eye, told Defense News test pilot Lockheed Martin Billy Flynn.

According to him, the pilots can still use these planes in the supersonic regime, and the possibility of damage to the radar absorbing coating of the fighter in this case should be understood from the context.

Flynn recalled that the F-35B Lightning II and the F-35C Lightning II, which was observed coating damage, have made long-term missions, including limiting modes, and bubbling stealth coating could only be detected engineers using special equipment.

“Take a flight with the speed of 700 knots (nearly 1,300 kilometers per hour — approx. “Of the tape.ru”), make one more run at a speed of 700 knots, go to the air tanker, get the fuel for themselves… And then again and again fly. Repeat this cycle in missions lasting four or five hours,” said the pilot.

In April, Defense News reported that the F-35B Lightning II and the F-35C Lightning II to supersonic speeds capable of flying only a few tens of seconds.

In March, the world’s largest military-industrial company Lockheed Martin has delivered the five hundredth serial fighter F-35 Lightning II.

In January, the Corporation promised to 2024 to produce at 180 of the fifth generation fighter F-35 Lightning II annually.

A family of multifunctional fifth generation fighter F-35 Lightning II produced in 2001, the world’s largest military-industrial Corporation Lockheed Martin. The plane is offered in three basic variants: A (for air force), B (short takeoff and vertical landing) and C (deck). Standardization of components, the three modifications reaches 70-90 percent.

F-35 Lightning II should be the main fighter of the first half of the XXI century, at least in 11 countries — USA, UK, Australia, Italy, Canada, Norway, the Netherlands and Denmark, Israel, Japan and South Korea. The leading role in the development of the fighter belongs to the first two States (more than 50 percent of the components manufactured by US, 15% in the UK).

It is planned to produce more than four thousand F-35 Lightning II.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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