Bureau David Chipperfield will deal with the renovation of the Central Telegraph


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Strelka KB

British architectural Bureau David Chipperfield Architects will develop the architectural concept of the renovation of the Central Telegraph in Moscow by order of the development company Vos hod. Reported by the journal Strelka Mag.

Bureau David Chipperfield was chosen during a competitive negotiation. As noted in the Russian company, the Briton plans to open the building to the public and to revive it as a place for business and social life. Now Central Telegraph “off of city life and has lost its original meaning”, says the publication.

At KB Strelka explained that the Bureau David Chipperfield Architects was selected in particular due to the fact that it has extensive experience working with historic heritage and understands the challenges, values and opportunities facing the Central Telegraph office. As told himself Chipperfield, whose words are given on the journal’s website, the specialists of the company “was encouraged by the opportunity to work on this historically significant and architecturally innovative building.”

According to General Director of the Strelka Institute, co-founder and partner at KB Strelka Varvara Melnikova, as part of the renovation there are two tasks: to turn the old-fashioned office center era 90s in modern religious space to create a new point of attraction, and to preserve the historical heritage of the building.

Central Telegraph in Moscow was built in 1927 according to the project of the Russian architect Ivan Rerberg. It served as a place to work five thousand people. Need Telegraph with time required less, so vacate the premises opened offices, coworking and cafes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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