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Samsung has officially acknowledged the problems with the device company, caused by an unknown failure of the system. Previously, smartphone owners have complained of a black screen and constant reboot devices, according to the publication MyDrivers.

The official account of the Chinese branch of Samsung in Weibo said that the company had received feedback about problems with the devices. The representatives of the brand in this situation, promised to provide a solution as soon as possible. Earlier, bloggers and enthusiasts noticed that the systemic failure of many phones of the Korean company were caused by problems with the application of the Chinese lunar calendar.

The newspaper reported that if not to update the corresponding program, it will show the incorrect date — for example, the April 2020. In this regard, the system of the smartphone is facing a critical error that turns failures and incorrect operation of the device. Told about this problem, users have noticed the appearance of the black screen of the gadget unknown characters and numerous phone restarts.

While Samsung experts not suggested a solution to the problem, journalists advised users to update the app with the Chinese calendar, and temporarily disable automatic updating system via WLAN. You can also try manually changing the system date of the smartphone on the specified calendar application, and then temporarily unload the program.

In late April, Samsung has acknowledged the problems associated with the actual work smartphones Galaxy S20. The problem was the green glow of the screen at the time when the device worked with display refresh rate at 120 Hz, brightness above 25 percent and had a lower battery life.

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