Child labour and the wedding was a way to survive in Yemen during a pandemic



Pandemic pneumonia COVID-19 in Yemen could lead to a humanitarian disaster. This was stated by the experts of the office of the UN high Commissioner for refugees, reports Reuters.

“We see that the country has a growing number of families resorting to dangerous coping mechanisms as begging, child labor, and marriage with minors. It is their way to survive,” — said the representative of the office of the UN high Commissioner for refugees Charlie Yaxley.

The Ministry said that around 80 percent of Yemen’s population dependent on humanitarian aid. Because of this, the crisis associated with the spread of the coronavirus, can hit particularly hard in this country.

The crisis in Yemen arose from the armed conflict, which is in the active phase in 2014. Rebel Huthis allegedly supported Iran and Hezbollah. Against them — the army of Yemen and the coalition of Arab States led by Saudi Arabia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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