Congresswoman chose Biden to Trump contrary to the allegations of harassment


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A member of the house of representatives from Minnesota, USA, Ilhan Omar said that he believes the words of former assistant most likely candidate from the Democratic party of the United States Joe Biden, accusing the politician of sexual harassment. However, Omar said that will still vote for him in the upcoming presidential election. Her words quoted by Newsweek, citing her interview with The Times of London.

When the Congresswoman asked about the accusations former employee of the Senate Tara Reid to address Biden, she said she believes the woman’s words. “I believe Reid. Justice may be delayed, but it should never be denied,” said Omar.

She noted that she wanted the democratic intra-party elections were won by the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders, but after he withdrew from presidential race in April, Biden was her only choice for President of the United States.

The reluctant support of Biden from Ilhan Omar echoes the decision of the youngest Congresswoman USA Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who refused to endorse the policy, but said that support him in opposition to the current President of the United States Donald Trump. “I always said I will support the Democratic candidate against [trump]”, — she told National Public Radio a month ago.

After the interview, Omar faced a wave of criticism on social networks. “The faith of the victims is consistent with my values. Yeah, I didn’t support Biden and not selected it as our candidate… In this interview I gave on may 6, we talked about this, and quotes is not always given in the context. I will vote for him and will help him win the trump,” she wrote on Monday, may 25, in his Twitter account.

“I know how important it is to create a space where people could share their stories, regardless of whether we believe all of them 100 percent or not,” added Omar.

About a month ago, Reid publicly accused the former Vice President of the United States of sexual harassment, which, she said, occurred in 1993. The woman claims that about 30 years ago a politician who was at that time a post of the Senator from the state of Delaware, in one of the corridors of the Capitol without permission, kissed her, touched and insisted on intimate relationships. Biden denied the allegations and said that nothing like this has ever happened.

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