Disclosed details of the mass murder of the fighters of national guard of Ukraine on fishing


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The national police of Ukraine revealed details of mass murder in the village of Novoselytsia in Zhytomyr region on may 22. About it reports “Ukrainian truth”.

Seven men killed while fishing, came to the site to 58-year-old suspect Anatolia Zakharenko not the first time. One of the victims was a friend of the tenant of a pond for about 10 years, there are no conflicts between them had arisen.

Law enforcement officials found the bodies in several places. Two men, soldiers of the battalion National guard of Ukraine named after General Sergei Kulchytsky, were in the gazebo where dinner was to start shooting all the newcomers and he Zakharenko. The bodies of two more men, volunteers and national guardsmen, the police found at the entrance to another building, where at the time of the conflict some of the guests were already asleep. Three more lay on beds in one room of the house.

The situation at the scene indicates that the events were unexpected for the dead, said security officials.

During the inspection of the crime scene, police seized six firearms, it was registered. The suspect belonged to a smooth-bore gun IZH-58. The dead — hunting rifles Remington, Ruger, Zbroyar Z15, AKMS-МФ1 and a traumatic pistol PMT.

Earlier it was reported that the victims before the tragedy reminded the tenant of the pond it originated in Russia and threatened him with rape due to the fact that he filed a statement to the police on the police regularly extort money from him. According to the wife of the shooter, the conflict broke out because of the words visitors that they fought in the Donbass, and he did not let their children into the army.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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