Disclosed is a method of profit on behalf of Adolf Hitler


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An American from Kentucky in the decade after world war II deception profit from people by convincing them that he is a fugitive from the führer of the great German Reich Adolf Hitler. His story describes the publication The Daily Beast.

In 1946, some Americans began to receive letters on behalf of Hitler, which the text called himself “führer number one” instead of the German word führer has been used furrier (furrier, furrier in English). The author of the messages claimed on behalf of the Fuehrer, he and his legal wife Eva Hitler survived, settled in Kentucky and there are preparing to revolt and seize power in the United States. To do this, as written by the sender in Kentucky and Idaho have built dozens of plants for the production of atomic bombs and invisible and silent spacecraft, at the same time, 36 thousand of Germans were allegedly digging the tunnels, to Washington. Many letters were signed differently: “Eva Braun”, “Eva Hitler”, “Admiral Kesselring, chief of staff,” just “chief of staff” and “assistant to the A. Hitler background Boguslawski”.

According to leeturer, everything went according to plan, but the business needed the money. In return for financial assistance, the author promised to the donors high positions under the new regime: for example, the two main benefactors, he has promised the title of “führer number two” and “führer number three”, and the other royals and diplomats. Many believed it and sent in response to the large amounts of money. In ten years, the con man, not revealing his true identity, in this way got from their victims at least 11 thousand dollars, according to the authorities — almost 15 thousand ($140 thousand adjusted for inflation).

One of the donors was a 70-year-old poor Mason from Virginia by the name of Huber, who died in the first half of the 1950s. Relatives Huber, examining his things, found the documents on money transfers for a total amount of four thousand dollars and several hundred letters from lieurey. In one of his Epistles Huber was promised the title “führer number two”, and also as commander of the Nazi armies in the new Nazi state, which will cover the entire Earth and the cosmos. In addition, it appeared that Mason met with a con artist, but he introduced himself to his real identity and promised to be a mediator in contacts with Hitler. The impossibility of meeting with the führer himself a crook explained the ambush of the FBI agents shoots and fictional diseases.

The imposter was arrested in August 1956, he was 61-year-old black miner and a Baptist from Kentucky, William Henry Johnson (William Henry Johnson). The man pleaded guilty, but denied allegations that he acted for personal purposes — according to Johnson, he as a private detective trying to uncover subversive activities of certain organizations intending to arrange in the US, the coup, and the money collected allegedly at the personal request of the then Director of the FBI John Hoover. The exact number of his criminal episodes and failed to find out. The defendant was charged with fraudulent use of mail and was sentenced to three years imprisonment in a Federal prison.

After the trial, any news on Johnson in the local press was not in the archives his name is also not met, notes The Daily Beast. Subsequently, the history of Johnson was briefly mentioned in several sources, but their content is small. In the archives of the police of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the FBI in General was not data about this man and his work, noted researched the identity of Johnson, the writer of keven McQueen.

Many Americans after the Second world war believed that Hitler survived and was able somewhere to hide. On the basis of these rumors has become a complete culture reflected including in American cinema (for example, in the movie “blood Creek” Joel Schumacher).

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