Dr. Miasnikov explained the harm of antibacterial Soaps


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The doctor Alexander Myasnikov, known to television viewers as Dr. butcher, spoke about the dangers of antibacterial soap for everyday use. In the broadcast transmission “On the most important” on the channel “Russia 1”, the specialist explained that its properties can harm the body.

“Doctors are not very good specifically to antibacterial soap. Why? Because it is believed that antibacterial soap increases antibiotic resistance”, — he said. The doctor said that antibacterial soap contains “certain antibiotics that kill bacteria”.

The expert stressed that this soap is necessary, but only in certain cases and for specific categories of patients. For everyday use of ordinary soap is sufficient, confident doctor. According to Myasnikov, the surface of the soap also retains on its surface dirt, including germs and viruses. He advised in homes with large numbers of tenants to use liquid soap to reduce the risk of infection.

Previously butchers dispelled the myth about wearing medical masks. He called nonsense statements about the fact that the two sides of the disposable masks are designed for different purposes. According to the doctor, the mask can be worn either side, the main thing that the retainer is snug against the nose.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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