Former U.S. President remarked on the “pedophile island” Epstein


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Former U.S. President bill Clinton remarked on “pedophile island,” merchant of sex slaves Jeffrey Epstein. This ex-worker on the Caribbean island Steve Scully said in the documentary series Netflix, reports the Daily Mail.

According to him, he several times met Clinton sitting on the front porch of the Villa with a male homosexual. Scully also noted that other visitors to the island who were with men, he didn’t notice.

Clinton saw in the Villa and Virginia Roberts, who became a sex slave on the island of Epstein. She had lunch with former US President, Ghislain Maxwell and two other women, arrived from new York.

However, the publication says that there is no evidence that the former American leader participated in orgies with underage girls. Currently not aware of the details of his trip to the island of little St James.

According to Clinton, he never came to the Caribbean island, but he was familiar with Epstein and several times he flew in his aircraft. In the office of ex-President noted that on four occasions he used the services of Epstein’s plane, called journalists “the Lolita Express” to fly to Asia, Europe and Africa. The media found out that Clinton only 2001 and 2003 made 26 flights.

It is noted that the late former US President said that he did not know about the criminal activities of his friend.

25 may it was reported that Prince Andrew had sexual contact with Virginia Roberts during a trip to “pedophile island.” Noticed him there in 2004. He kissed the young sex-slave Roberts “grabbed her buttocks and rubbing on her.”

Jeffrey Epstein was arrested July 6, 2019 new York. He was accused of creating a criminal network that allowed him to sexually exploit and victimize dozens of underage girls. It is proved that their crimes millionaire was made in 2002-2005, however, according to some, he continued to trade people until 2019. Some of the alleged victims was 14 years old.

May 27, Netflix will show a documentary Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich. It tells of the victims and witnesses on the island of little St James, on sexual violence and the life of Epstein. It is noted that he committed suicide in jail on August 10 last year, without waiting for trial on charges of trading in sex slaves.

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