Found a new explanation of alcoholism



Scientists have identified 29 genetic variations that influence associated with alcohol consumption problems. The conclusions of the experts with a new explanation for addiction to alcohol is published in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

Experts from Yale University (USA) studied the genome of 435 thousand people and identified 19 previously unknown risk factors for alcohol dependence. Also confirmed 10 previously known genetic risk factors associated with alcohol use. Using genetic analysis was able to explain the connection between alcoholism and personality disorder, for example depression. Thus, the variation detected in the DNA affect the probability of developing alcoholism.

Scientists explained that the studied genes remained in the human genome, suggesting their importance for the functioning of the body. “New data has tripled the number of known genetic factors associated with problematic alcohol use,” said Dr. Joel Gelernter (Joel Gelernter). The expert stressed that the results of the study will improve the method of detection of predisposition to alcohol dependence in the early stages.

Previously, a psychiatrist, candidate of medical Sciences Daniel Pokrovsky called beer the most harmful drink. In his opinion, beer should be banned, while alcohol is the most harmful component of this kind of alcohol. Specialist noticed that used in brewing beer, hops is able to pull out of the land of heavy compounds, which can cause the body irreparable harm.

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