Ibiza has occurred the invasion of giant mosquitoes carrying the virus


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Globallookpress.com

In the popular Spanish resort of Ibiza has occurred the invasion of the Asian tiger mosquitoes which can be carriers of deadly diseases and viruses. This writes the Mirror.

It is known that these insects are four times larger than normal mosquitoes and are much more aggressive. However, their bites can lead to slight irritation to human skin, and in some cases, malaria, fevers zika and dengue.

Experts suggest that giant mosquitos could wind up massively in the basins of the region, idle without proper sanitation due to restrictions imposed on the background of the pandemic coronavirus. Local authorities urged their owners as quickly as possible to bring the installation in order to avoid “the real issue in the field of health.”

Also arriving in the region, tourists are advised to prepare for a possible contact with the insect to bring protective clothing, repellents, mosquito nets, tweezers with fine tips and first aid kit.

On 21 April it was reported that the beaches of Thailand, vacant without tourists during a pandemic coronavirus, filled with rare species of turtles — reptiles began to massively build there nests. According to local environmentalists, such phenomenon was not observed for 20 years.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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