In the Russian city decided to restore the “Gorodok Chekistov”



Yekaterinburg authorities decided to rebuild by 2023 (then there will be a celebration of the 300th anniversary of the city) architectural ensemble of “Gorodok Chekistov” — a complex of buildings in the constructivist style, where once lived the command structure of the local NKVD. This writes

District limited to streets of Lenin, Lunacharsky, may day and a Blacksmith. It is a monument of culture of Federal value. To reconstruct the want of a separate building on site, in particular, the hotel “Iset” — is that her plan to remake apartments. Under the hotel there is a large underground space — they are flooded and may collapse if nothing is done. So first of all, according to the repairmen, we need to get water and then make waterproofing with drainage.

“The hotel “Iset” slowly comes into disrepair, and it is necessary to involve it in the public space of the city. It is necessary to make the building lived, and stood the black wall, a hollow cylinder in the center of the city. It is important to observe the security obligations, in particular, to keep the balconies,” said the Russian architect Boris Demidov, who is engaged in the project.

The reconstruction plan trust company “atomstroykompleks”. Her representative stated that the renovation of the “Gorodok Chekistov” could become a pilot project of a larger program of comprehensive revitalization of the centre of Yekaterinburg, which was developed by the architectural Bureau “Gordeyev–Demidov”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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