Member of the TV show have shown the affected by scars after a powerful shock body


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Member of the Swedish talent show Swedish Idol ChillStream Axel (Axel Schylstrom) told about how he received the scars that cover about 70 percent of his body, including half her face. In the air of the British TV show Shake My Beauty he showed the affected body after powerful electric shock and urged the audience to love themselves, no matter how they looked. Video posted on YouTube.

According to Silistria, before the incident, he considered himself “the coolest guy in the world”, was sure I looked great and felt as if the world belongs to him. When the singer was 19 years old he, by his own admission, “did something stupid”: got on the train and touched a power line that was energized in 16 thousand volts.

Chilstrom received very severe burns, but survived. Now scars cover most of his body. He admitted that after the tragedy was the worst in his life, as he had to re-learn to love yourself and constantly see condemnation in the eyes of others.

The man said he did not remember any of their motives or details of the incident. “I don’t hate myself, I forgive myself for everything that happened,” he said, and noted that some people still think that he looks scary. Chilstrom added: “But the beauty for me is the ability to love yourself. I don’t think how you look is really important. More importantly, how you feel. It’s okay to be different. Okay to love yourself even if you’re not like other people.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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