Named the benefits of recreation in Russia during a pandemic coronavirus


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Anatoly Zhdanov / Kommersant

In tourism called the benefits of recreation in Russia in the conditions of a pandemic coronavirus. The main of them can be considered guaranteed medical care in case of infection, said Advisor to the head of the Federal Agency for tourism Natalia Osipova in the air NSN.

According to her, abroad traveler can refuse the hospital, as in most countries, expensive medical assistance. In Russia cases will be provided with the necessary treatment.

In addition, difficulties may arise with the return of tourists in the event of a second wave of the pandemic. “The Ministry of foreign Affairs and the state Treasury will not stand the second of the export of citizens”, — said the representative of the Federal tourism Agency.

She added that tourists who are used to buy trips in travel agencies, listen to the recommendations of the Prime Minister to “put off foreign holidays” and wait for the moment when the government will decide on the resumption of flights. But there will be those who “will not listen and will fly it myself”.

“All risks and liability for their holidays they will take,” — summed up Natalia Osipova.

Earlier it was reported that the Prime Minister-the Minister of Russia Michael Mishustin has asked the Russians to temporarily refrain from trips abroad. The head of government urged citizens to spend vacations in the country to avoid the risk of the importation of coronavirus infection.

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