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Sony PlayStation 2 remains the most popular console on the market, and all the world has sold more than 1.56 billion consoles of the company. This is with reference to your own research according to the portal LearnBonds.

According to analysts, released in 2000, PlayStation 2 has sold 157 million copies, its global market share was around 10 percent. In second place is the handheld Nintendo DS (154,9 million units), the third device line portable devices GameBoy (118,69 million). Only one console from devices top ten — PlayStation 4 — is representative of actual generation and supported by the manufacturer. As of March 2020, the world has sold 109,86 million units of consoles.

Analysts attributed the popularity of the PlayStation 4 a high degree of customer loyalty to the brand Sony and the established opinion about the superiority of consoles, the Japanese manufacturer of competitive model Xbox. Also one of the reasons for the success of the console from Sony called more game releases from independent developers.

The portal LearnBonds believes that sales of the PlayStation 4 will outsell released 20 years ago console. This conclusion explained the imminent launch of a new generation of consoles from Sony and interest of gamers to a more productive device.

Earlier in the network have posted a document from Sony, which described the benefits of PlayStation consoles over the previous 5 series. In particular, the developers have promised to speed up the processing of gaming data a hundred times to minimize the download time. The release of consoles from Sony and its rival Microsoft have to take place before the end of 2020.

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