Played Catherine II in the Russian TV series actress critics said “great”


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Actress Yuliya Snigir, who played the Empress Catherine II in the Russian serial “the Great” in 2015, commented on the criticism of the show made in the USA, the UK and Australia, which was released in may 2020. She also spoke in Instagram about the national TV show, goes on the First channel.

“”The great” El terrible fanning disliked in our country. “Insulting the feelings”, “abomination”, “humiliating spectacle”, “they scoff at Russian history.” And the funny thing is that I write a lot about how great my series about Catherine and what is this “foo”,” said the actress.

Snigir laughed at the allegations that the Russian “Great” — “the true historical series”: “I tell you, even a literary source will not be able to tell if you are looking for the historical truth about Catherine. But one thing I will say — don’t look for her in the series. Don’t watch them for the study of history. Never.”

The actress stressed that the creators of American series do not aim to offend the Russians, and there is no global conspiracy associated with it. “Is the author, Tony McNamara, witty bully (who had already misbehaved with English history in “the Mistress”). Absurd, black Comedy. With a great cast and witty dialogue”, — she explained.

Snigir said he believes Comedy “Great” work is more honest and subtle than the “serious melodramatic soap operas that pretend to be historic and like each other.”

Comedy series “the Great”, was released on may 16. The Russian audience of the project angered the cast of the show, which turned out to be dark-skinned actors. In particular, they do not like the fact that the role of the Prince of Rostov in the show was played by Abraham Popoola, and his serene Highness Prince Grigory Orlov was played by Sacha Dhawan.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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