Prigogine called them his old man and promised the men’s conversation from behind Valerie


www.vsyako.netJoseph Prigogine: Maxim Blinov / RIA Novosti

Producer Joseph Prigogine called musician Sergei Shnurov old man, for whom nothing is sacred. In his Instagram account he promised artist men’s conversation because of the mention of Valeria.

Prigogine found that Cords trying to get the people’s love for his poems, while not having citizens with nothing in common except the love of obscenities. “Pretend with the people, and a naive believe that. Throw them a bone in the form of their dirty rhymes, they are happy. The only thing you have in common is a love for three cheerful letters,” he said.

According to the producer, Shnurov still, someone to write about “dirty rifoki”: though about Jesus, at least about Ksenia Sobchak. “Generally there is nothing sacred. Even street punks doesn’t behave. By the rules, you’re not handsome,” said he.

Prigogine emphasized that neither his nor his wife “do not touch, do not even remember”. “But for the fact that Leroux’ve made this, I will have a separate men’s conversation. You’re wrong, old man,” wrote he, adding that his wife and children — is sacred, and you have “erased the borders”.

May 25 Cords have devoted obscene poem Prigogine, earlier accused the actor in “hypoactive”. The contractor noted that it is better to be hypogean than ******** [Amateur oral sex with men biological sex]. The exchange of barbs between the producer and the musician began after Prigogine said that now the artists are forced to “eat away what was possible in his time to save”. Valery Cords mentioned only once in the poem of may 23, calling her “aunt Leroy”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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