Russia caught on the fraud numbers in the trade with Belarus


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti

In March exports of wheat, soybean and sunflower from Russia to Belarus recorded in the data of the Federal customs service (FCS), grew up to impossible values. To such conclusion experts of the analytical center “Sovekon”, reports RIA Novosti.

Figures for trade for these items or look-rigging, or just a succession of errors. In the case of soybean exports to 5.2 million tons — higher than Russia’s harvest this product in the past year (4.4 million tons).

However, in two other cases, analysts caught exporters on the transfer of doubtful data. Belarus usually buys a few thousand tons of wheat and sunflower in the month, but in March these figures increased to 426 thousand and 320 thousand tons respectively. Supply for all three positions was carried out in Smolensk region.

The Director of the analytical center Andrey Sizov has noticed that since April, the supply of wheat, soybeans and sunflowers outside the EAEU was limited until June 30. He suggested that the growth of exports as something to do with the restrictions imposed, and deliveries were conducted in hindsight — someone made these in April.

In favor of this assumption speaks the fact that the supply to Belarus of other cultures, do not fall under the restrictions remained at the same level, no anomalies there.

Executive Director, oil and fat Union Mikhail Maltsev suggested that FCS statistics are incorrect and irrelevant to the real situation. Delivery is difficult to explain for the reason that the formal ban on exports to Belarus were not introduced, that is, conduct them now.

Russia has chosen the quota for supplies of wheat, introduced to the end of June, in April. From this point on stopped the export of wheat, rye, meslin, barley and corn. The Ministry of agriculture explained the actions by aspiration to ensure the satisfaction of domestic needs in the grain.

In past years, Russia has repeatedly complained about fraud with the supply from Belarus. In particular, in 2015 in Russia from neighboring countries got 400 thousand tons of apples with a yield of 54 thousand tons. Republic accused in the resale of Polish apples, which had operated the food embargo.

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